Confidentiality of Patients’ Medical Records

This information may be stored on paper or electronically on computer files and we are registered under the Data Protection Act. The practice is responsible for the accuracy and safekeeping of your medical records. You can help us to keep it accurate by informing us of any changes in your circumstances.

Our members of staff are trained in information security and confidentiality. There are strict codes of conduct in place to ensure your information is safe, whether it is on paper or held in computer files. Everyone working for the NHS has a legal duty to keep information about our patients confidential. We only ever pass on information about you if it is in your best interests with regard to your health. The practice will ensure that all members of the practice team maintain patient confidentiality at all times. You may have access to your medical records only at a doctor’s discretion and by appointment with the Practice.

Confidentiality and the under 16 years of age

The GP and staff are subject to the rules of confidentiality and will ensure that patient confidentiality is maintained at all times by all members of the practice team. This extends to those under 16 years of age.

Freedom of Information - Publication Scheme

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 obliges the practice to produce a Publication Scheme. A Publication Scheme is a guide to the ‘classes’ of information the practice intends to routinely make available.

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